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Person getting massage treatment in Fredericton

Massage Therapy

An important part of the success of any treatment is to keep muscles relaxed and free of muscle spasms. Spinal Decompression treatments are more effective when muscles are relaxed and free of tension and spasm. Our Fredericton's HealthSource clinic uses Massage to promote relaxation and relieve pain. Massage can also relieve muscles tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement. Massage can also speed recovery time and aid in the overall healing of your condition.  Massage is an ideal way to reduce stress and increase your overall well-being. Even a single Massage session has been shown to mitigate stress by reducing cortisol and insulin levels and significantly lowering your heart rate.  


Your Fredericton's HealthSource massage therapist will unwind tight knots, relax tense nerves, and increase circulation to your congested areas resulting in improved body function. We focus on providing high quality therapeutic treatments in a professional, clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Our Registered Massage Therapists focus on doing what they do best: delivering high quality treatments to help relieve your pain, enhance your health, and help you relax.


Contact the clinic to book your Massage Therapy session today!

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